About Us

Borne out of the ashes that was once Parker and Rawling Consultancy, Phoenix Consultancy Services is a specialist firm of Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution Consultants, formed by Stephen Kobylanski and Andrew Gibson;
who respectively were the former General Manager and Forensic Planning Manager of Parker and Rawling Consultancy.

Building on a solid reputation for having achieved the successful resolution of various claims on some of the regions’ most iconic and complex construction project, Phoenix Consultancy Services fully intends to develop its reputation for success, excellence and professionalism even further and become the preferred consultant of choice for contracting organisations within the United Arab Emirates and the wider region.

Based exclusively in the United Arab Emirates since 2006, the joint owners and founding partners of Phoenix Consultancy Services have upwards of 37 years’ construction industry experience, having previously worked in Europe, and Asia; and latterly for the past 13+ years in the Middle East, on a variety of major building and civil engineering projects, including airports, hospitals, theme parks, shopping malls, plus hotels, and retail, commercial and residential developments, up to a contract value of AED 13 Billion.